Separation of the text into parts

During work in Excel we often need process the text in the cells, but sometimes is difficult to understand which function we should use. Lets review some functions which will help us to do that.

Function LEFT

This function allows us to separate the required number of the text from left side:

LEFT(text; number_of_characters)

In this example we have separated balance part from the number of account.


The same action we can do with right part of the text.

RIGHT(text; number_of_characters)

Function MID

Lets try to cut part characters from the middle of the text:

How we can see in this function appears additional argument, which in charge of start number of cutting. Namely digit 5 indicates start point of text cutting, and digit 4 number of characters we want to get. Thereby we obtain 4 characters from the middle of the text starting from 5th character inclusively.

Function syntax as follows: