VBA Function: InStrRev


The VBA INSTRREV Function returns an integer corresponding to the first position found of a value in a character string starting the search from the right.

The InStrRev function returns 0 if no match was found.


InStrRev(text, value)


InStrRev(text, value, start_num, case)

VBA InStrRev Example

Determine the position of the value XLP starting the search from the right of the text:

Sub InStrRevExample()
    text = "REF: XLP-54-21-XLP-9"
    'First position of "XLP" in the text when searching from the right
    position = InStrRev(text, "XLP")
    MsgBox position 'Returns: 17
End Sub
The function that finds the position of a value from the left of the text is the INSTR function.