Sentence Case Function for LibreOffice Calc

SENTENCECASE() Description

The function SENTENCECASE() is designed to convert existing text into sentence format and returns a set of words in the form: "Sentence case function".

Sentence Case breaks lines separated by periods, exclamation points, or question marks into separate sentences. Then, converts all words to lower case except for the first letter in the sentence and then merges all elements into one continuous text.

The SENTENCECASE() function can be useful for correcting the case of letters in sentences throughout the text.


Here is the macro code to create a custom function that can case-justify words in sentences (Sentence Case) in LibreOffice Calc.

Open the menu Tools - Macros - Edit Macros..., select Module1 and copy the following text into the module:

Function SentenceCase(ByVal str As String) As String
  Dim sentences As Variant
  Dim i         As Integer
  Dim FCalc     As Object
  FCalc = CreateUnoService("")    
  str = Replace(str,"-"," ")
  str = Replace(str,"_"," ")
  str = FCalc.callFunction("TRIM", Array(str))
  str = LCase(str)
  str = FCalc.callFunction("REGEX", Array(str,"([.!?])(\s)(\w)","$1#$3","g"))
  sentences = Split(str, "#")
  For i = LBound(sentences) To UBound(sentences)       
    sentences(i) = UCase(Left(sentences(i), 1)) & Mid(sentences(i), 2)       
  Next i
  SentenceCase = Join(sentences," ")
End Function

Then close Macro Editor, return to LibreOffice Calc and use our new function in any cell.