"YouLibreCalc" extension for LibreOffice Calc

YouLibreCalc Description

YouLibreCalc.oxt is a set of additional user functions for LibreOffice Calc in the form of an extension (add-on).

This extension allows you to very quickly and simply get a large set of useful formulas that will simplify your everyday life when working with LO Calc.

The use of additional functions is no different from the standard LibreOffice Calc functions. All new functions will be displayed in the formula menu, and will also be available in all files - new and old.

List of functions

You can view the full list of available functions in the YouLibreCalc.oxt extension in the tab " Functions ".

Download YouLibreCalc

Below you can download the extension file YouLibreCalc.oxt which automatically adds additional functions to your LibreOffice Calc program.

Save logo Download YouLibreCalc.oxt

You can also financially support the further development of new features in YouLibreCalc.oxt, as this extension is completely free and available to everyone without restrictions:


After downloading the file to your computer, just double-click on it and restart LibreOffice Calc.