Import data from Access to Excel

It is known that in Excel you can create tables and work with them. However, it is often necessary to load some table from another data source. Let's look at how to load data from an Access file into Excel.

Suppose we have the following database in Access:

To import data, open an empty Excel file, select Data - Get external data from Access in the menu:

In the window that opens, select the necessary Access file. The following window will appear:

In this window, you can choose to load the entire table, create a Pivot table based on data from Access only, or create a Pivot table together with a graph . Choose the first option and press OK.

Now we have a table in Excel that is linked to the data from the Access file. But our table is not simple, in fact it is a database query. This is a so-called Smart Table that can be updated and get "fresh" data (right-click on the table and select "Update").

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