We perform division in all cells using a macro


Macro for automatic division of values in cells by an arbitrary number. It may be necessary if we have a data file where all values are specified in pennies, and we need to translate calculations and data into hryvnias (or another currency).

Of course, you can use formulas to convert values, but if there are a lot of numbers, then converting in this way will be very long and boring.

Let's consider how to divide all selected cells by a number, for example, "100" in Excel using a macro.

VBA code for the macro

To do this, open your workbook, go to Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11), add the VBA module (Insert - Module) and copy this macro text there:

 Sub Division()

    For Each cell In Selection
        cell.Formula = cell.Value
    Next cell
    For Each cell In Selection
        cell.Value = cell.Value / 100
    Next cell
 End Sub

After that you can return to Excel. Select the necessary cells and run our macro through the menu Tools - Macro - Macros (Alt+F8).

Also, if we replace "100" with the currency rate in the macro code, we will get the value in another currency.

Likewise, you can perform any operation, such as multiplying by any number.