SpellNumber Function for LibreOffice Calc

SPELLNUMBER() Description

The SPELLNUMBER() function is designed to convert a number or sum written in numbers into English text.

This function allows you to convert numbers to words in any currency using a formula, such as a number 22,50 will be read as "Twenty Two Dollars and Fifty Cents" or "Twenty Two Pesos and Fifty Centavos" .

This can be very useful if you use LO Calc as a template to fill out checks or other accounting documents.

Main Features Functions SPELLNUMBER


=SPELLNUMBER(Amount; [CurrNameSgl]; [CurrNamePlr]; [CentNameSgl]; [CentNamePlr]; [Format]; [CurrPlace]; [ZeroMod])


Example Usage

The SPELLNUMBER() function is easy to use. You just need to enter any number in the formula, specify the name of the currency for integer and fractional values, and, if necessary, specify additional options for the desired text display format, and LibreOffice Calc will automatically convert it to text:

=SPELLNUMBER(13561,32; "Dollar"; "Dollars"; "Cent"; "Cents"; ""; ""; "")

We will have the following result:

SPELLNUMBER formula usage

This example uses the following values:

Extension "YouLibreCalc.oxt"

You can use the function SPELLNUMBER() by setting the extension " YouLibreCalc.oxt ". After that, this function will be available in all files that will be opened in LibreOffice Calc.