VlookupDouble function for LibreOffice Calc (VLOOKUP3)


The built-in function VLOOKUP is one of the most powerful functions in LO Calc. But it has some disadvantages - it compares values in only one column and only in the leftmost column. But if you need to compare values in 2 columns and not only in the first column?

The modified function VLOOKUPDOUBLE searches for two conditions in two different columns of the table at the same time.

Main Features Functions VLOOKUPDOUBLE


=VLOOKUPDOUBLE(LookupValue1; LookupArray1; LookupValue2; LookupArray2; ReturnArray)


Example Usage

The VLOOKUPDOUBLE() function is easy to use. You just need to specify 2 separate ranges to search, 2 values to compare and a column from which the related values will be returned and LibreOffice Calc will automatically find and return the required result on two matches:

=VLOOKUPDOUBLE("John"; {Lookup Array1}; "001"; {Lookup Array2}; {Return Array})

We will have the following result:

VLOOKUPDOUBLE formula usage

This example uses the following values:

Extension "YouLibreCalc.oxt"

You can use the function VLOOKUPDOUBLE() by setting the extension " YouLibreCalc.oxt ". After that, this function will be available in all files that will be opened in LibreOffice Calc.