Filling in blank cells in the list

For filtration, sorting, summarizing or creating pivot tables is needed list without gaps, that is a table without gaps (blank rows and cells). So often there is necessity to fill in blank cells of the table by values from the above cells, i.e...

  from         make      

All is simply :

Select range in the first column, which is needed to fill in (in our case this is A2:A12).

Go to menu Edit - GoTo - Special or press key F5 and in the appeared window choose Blanks:

Don't deselecting the range, enter in the first cell sign "equal" (=) and click on the cell A2 (that is make a link to previous cell):

And, finally, to enter this formula to all selected (blank) cells, press Ctrl + Enter instead usual Enter. That's all! Simply and beautiful.

And in the end, we advise to substitute the all entered formulas into values, because during sorting or adding/deleting rows, correctness of the formulas can be compromised. Select the all cells in the first column, copy their and paste back using Paste Special in the content menu, choosing parameter Values. It will be entirely good.